Making time for us

When we made our move back to Florida eight months ago my husband and I were faced with a lot of challenges, add that to the already strained relationship we had and we found ourselves in a tough place.

Several months ago as I found myself in a place of acceptance and clarity I began to realize a lot about myself, my husband and our relationship. After a more than three-hour conversation where we addressed everything that was there lingering over us we found ourselves recollecting on why we fell in love in the first place. We remembered that before the children and family life we were in this relationship for each other. Before the children there were plans of an engagement and marriage to follow later but things didn’t work out just as we had planned.

This conversation happened about five months ago, we both put our issues and our wants out on the table and decided it was time to work together. In the last twenty years we have both grown but in some ways we have grown in different directions and it was time to align our paths.

The number one issue we both agreed on was that we were not making time for ourselves, and each other and we decided it was time to change that. We did. We have date nights at least twice a month and we talk more, bringing back that strong friendship we created many years ago.

I am happy to say our relationship has been stronger than ever before. We have disagreements and different views but who doesn’t, no relationship is perfect; but we are in a very good place. A marriage is a constant work in progress no matter how long people have been together. We decided we would make our marriage the best it can be, in the end we are in this together.

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