Friends Page, Dylan

\Dylans Page_1Dylan John is born 8 weeks early at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton.
He is 3lbs 9ozs in this picture.
Dylans Page_2Zachary is very happy to have a little brother.
Dylans Page_3

2 weeks after Dylan’s birth he is transfered to the St. Catharines General Hospital.He is 4lbs 5ozs and he has to gain weight so he can go home.
Dylans Page_4Dylan comes home at 5lbs 6 ozs. Zachary just adores his brother.
Dylans Page_5

Dylan had genetic testing because he had a cleft lip. 
At 8 months old Dylan had a cleft lip repair surgery. I was also informed that he had Cri Du Chat Syndrome. Dec 2005
Dylans Page_6After surgery. My poor swollen baby.
Dylans Page_7Still sad but doing well.
Dylans Page_8At home after surgery and doing good. Dylan is a trooper. (zach took this picture)
Dylans Page_8He is developing well but prone to respiratory infections and is hospitalized for croup quite a bit.
At one year Dylan can crawl.
Dylans Page_9Very happy boys. I am truly blessed.
Dylans Page_10
November 2006. Dylan has another surgery to help his hearing at the St. Catharines General.
He is a brave boy and quite used to hospitals.
Originally I was told Dylan was deaf in his one ear but that turned out to be incorrect.
Dylans Page_11Happy handsome boys!!
Dylans Page_12Dylan can stand when propped 2007. Loves to play mini sticks with Zach!! (he’s always the goalie though….)
Dylans Page_13Dylan is a good sleeper thank goodness!!
Dylans Page_14Dylan still quite happy with crawling.
Dylans Page_15Physiotherapy at NPCC.
Dylans Page_16Dylan goes to daycare Sept 2008 using a walker.
Then October 2008 he decides to start walking independantly!!!!!
Dylans Page_17Dylan now walks independently at 3 and a half years old
Dylans Page_18Dylan LOVES to swim
Dylans Page_19Dylan loves music and playing the piano!
Dylans Page_20Dylan and his famous Red Hammer.
Dylan can not speak yet (but he has alot to say!!!
He uses sign language, sounds and gestures. His receptive language is excellent.

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