Friends Page, Diana

Diana Rose Olsen weighed 7.5 lbs at birth. Just hours after her birth the nurse (who is also my aunt) said she was taking her so I could get some rest.  A few hours later I was awakened and told that she had coded and was revived. When we were finally able to go home it seemed as if all she did was sleep and barely nursed. At her 4 week check up her doctor noticed she was not gaining  any weight. After weeks of weigh-ins and my concern about how she was drinking a bottle we were referred to Seattle Children’s Hospital. It took one  doctor to hear her cry and another to say we think she might have Cri du Chat. Next thing I knew a geneticist was poking and prodding my baby.

We were released after being taught how to feed her and told not to worry.We returned to Seattle for her test result in July of 2009, the whole plane ride down I kept telling myself nothing is wrong with her she’s a normal baby. When we went to her appointments I got the news that she did in-fact have  Cri du Chat Syndrome. I took the news well until I asked what I could expect in my daughters future,  they started telling me all of the negative information that still circulates in the medical field. I couldn’t hold it in I bust out in tears.

Diana is now 2 years old and a very beautiful and happy little girl we would never change her for the world. To all new parents getting the diagnosis all I have to say is the first year is definitely the hardest with all the what If’s and the questioning of  “what did I do to cause this”  go through your mind. Remember its nothing you did. Never compare your child to a normal child his/her age I personally had a hard time with this and it took me a long time to get over it.

Diana is doing nicely. She is a very social and happy child. She does have some medical issues as is typical with the syndrome but overall she is amazing…

Updated 12/29/2011


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