Always someone negative


I am a blogger and I love to write. Writing is not only therapeutic for me it’s also an accomplishment I am very proud of. But as I have learned there is alot of negativity you can be faced with when you write, especially when you write about your life.

When I started writing I was afraid of what I could write about, I knew I wanted to write about my life and my family’s journey but I was afraid of what people would think of me. That was over three years ago and I have not only grown as an individual but as a writer too.

I always vowed to myself that I would be honest with my readers, that I would say those things that many are to afraid of saying aloud. I chose to be true to myself and my readers in my writing even if it’s not all a bed of roses. Each of our lives are different, there are no two people the same nor are there two writers the same. And, that’s what’s beautiful about the world that we are all different.

As a woman there are so many more obstacles we are faced with in life, every decision we make is scrutinized and judged. If we choose to have children we are sweet but if we have more than two we are breeders. If we choose not to have children well than most would say we are selfish and cold-hearted. Well I say no and no. Making a choice to have a family is a “personal decision”, whatever the decision it does not define the person you are or who you will become.

I have had a few incidents with blogging bullies who have made it a mission to consistently attack me for no other reason other than they are bullies. Maybe the reasoning is much more deeper, maybe they are struggling their own battle and I happen to hit a nerve so they choose to take their frustrations out on me. What ever the case, I have learned that it’s all part of blogging world. I no longer take it personal.

No one is obligated to read my blog. My journey is just that, my own personal journey just as my decisions are precisely that. Yesterday I posted about finally understanding that I am ready to move forward from having children and that post seemed to really hit a nerve with someone. This person has sent me multiple messages attacking and insulting me. Apparently in the eyes of this individual the fact that being a mother is not the sole purpose for my living makes me a selfish person. And according to this individual I live off of the government and I am a breeding machine. And, I am the one with the problem???

I do not feel the need to fuel ignorance which is why I will delete nasty insulting comments from my blog which is my personal space. And to clarify I have worked since I was sixteen years old and have always taken care of my family with the sweat off my back. That is something that will never change.

Being a mother has been the most rewarding gift in my life and I will always treasure it but it does not define me as an individual, it is only a part of who I am. I have been successful and will continue to do so despite ill wishes from unhappy individuals. The fact that I have the strength to accept that I want more for myself only proves how strong I truly am. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and striving to be exceptionally happy and fulfilled. I am finally strong enough to admit that without feeling any guilt and that is trully an accomplishment.

For women it seems we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. Only I decide who I am and what I will accomplish in my life, no one else but me.


2 thoughts on “Always someone negative

  1. Julie Sparks

    I get so sick of the negative bullies. I enjoy reading your blog. But like you said, no one is forcing them to read. If they have such diametrically opposing views, STOP READING! lol Keep going!

  2. Jacqui Galvagni

    I don’t know why u wrote this blog but never explain who u are… Remember people who judge u , It’s none of our business. …..
    Be the light that u are …
    U are exactly where ur suppose to be…
    Our CDC kids remind us ever day. …
    My friend


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