Emily’s Sweet “16”

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I’m a month late with this post but, better late than never.

My daughter Emily has talked about having a Quinceanera (Sweet 15), for many years. She was around 9 years old the first time she brought it up. In the Hispanic culture it is an important transition for a young girl  and her family to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. It is a celebration where a young girl transitions into being a young lady, or señorita.

We had planned on a beautiful ceremony for Emily for many years, but after Sophie’s birth all the plans we had changed. Having to give up our financial stability we had to learn to live life in a different way, without all the luxuries.

Over the last few years Emily has been more of a support to me than I could have ever imagined, especially in the first three years of Sophie’s life. In those years when I was isolated, where seeing the sunlight was impossible on many days; Emily was there. She was a mini me, almost immediately she learned to jump in and clear her new-born sisters airway when she would be suffocating. She helped change diapers and would rock her sister to sleep, and in those dark moments when I couldn’t see past the darkness she was there. Emily was there to take her sister so that the baby would not absorb the defeated feelings I had.

She was there, through the laughs and the tears. She made sure she took a ton of pictures with the other kids so I wouldn’t miss those moments. She was there. And I would not have made it through some of the most difficult times of my life without her. My beautiful Emily.

And so, somehow with our move back to Florida the idea became a possibility, and then a reality. Thanks to some family members who volunteered amazing efforts we were able to give Emily that celebration she so longed for and deserved. I got to perform her pre-party photo session (one of my hobbies), and I got to make the cake and even cater the entire event. I even went as far as to have Emily share the father daughter dance with her brothers and I made a long embarrassing speech that had the entire crowd laughing and cheering.

The day turned out more beautiful than we had imagined, it was a day to remember. We were able to give her the dress she wanted and there were over a hundred people there to celebrate with us. More friends than actually family but most of my friends are my family. I didn’t invite any of my husband’s with the exception of Emily’s godparents because my husbands family have never had any interest in being a part of our lives. And my family, well let’s just say it’s the last time I extend invitations to a few many.

In the end the ones that mattered were there and it was Unforgettable!


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