Suddenly, the what if’s…


You are perfect in every way, you were created so angelic in the image of perfection and yet although my heart knows it, sometimes it’s not enough.

Suddenly, I drive by and see the crowd of children playing and there it is. The image of what if, the child who looks almost exactly like you; you seem to be around the same age, your hair color is almost identical and then suddenly it feels as if I cannot breathe.

The tears begin to flow, this immense feeling of sadness overwhelms the better part of me and all that runs through my heart and mind is “what if?”.

What if life had been different? What if you were not faced with all the challenges life has dealt you? What if you could talk and dance and eat like a every other child your age.

What would you say? What would be your favorite food? What would be your favorite dance style or favorite toy.

What if it had all been different? What if life would not have been so cruel?

And then I see you and the peace slowly returns as my heart fills with love each time I am in your presence and I know….There will always be “what if’s” and it doesn’t mean I don’t love you it just means, I am only human.

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