Sophie, I CAN

With Sophie’s 4th birthday just a month away I have been trying to put together a video to share how far she has come. She has brought so much joy to my life she is truly a blessing and I am proud to be her mother.

The 5p- Society is putting together an I CAN video for International Cri du Chat Awareness Week so I used it as motivation for my video about Sophie. I feel like it has taken me forever but it is finally complete. I hope her video is one of the videos selected but if it’s not it’s still a win in my book.

As I made the video it was as if I was reliving the last four years, the pain and joy are all so present. There were so many videos and pictures to choose from I didn’t know where to begin.  But as you will see Sophie is pure happiness and has been from the day she took her first breath. Despite her physical, cognitive and health challenges she is strong and determined. I love my girl with all my heart, join me in celebrating what Sophie CAN do and support our special needs community by always being kind and open minded.

5 thoughts on “Sophie, I CAN

  1. findingninee

    Wow, what an amazing video. Sophie is perfect and beautiful!
    Found you via Love that Max. Sooo Sooo glad I did…

  2. Emily

    Amazing Video.. They told me the same for my son but I fought for him and this video gives me that little bit of hope that he will do all these thing too… Thank you..


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